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SEC Hedge Fund Registration Exemption – Section 203(b)(3) and Rule 203(b)(3)-1

Exemption from the Registration Provisions of the Investment Advisors Act

We have discussed the SEC hedge fund registration exemption many times before, but we have not addressed it directly.For most management companies with a single hedge fund client, registration is actually a relatively easy and straightforward process.  Once hedge fund managers are registered as investment advisors with the SEC there are certain recordkeeping requirements for the hedge fund manager, but the requirements are not onerous (for more information, please see ).

Notwithstanding the above, many managers will choose to remain unregistered for a variety of different reasons and those managers will typically rely on the hedge fund registration exemption found in Section 203(b)(3) of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.  The exemption and the rule underlying the exemption is detailed in full below. Continue reading

Exemption From Florida Investment Advisory Registration

Most states do not have securities laws which provide hedge fund managers with an exemption from investment advisor registration at the state level.  However, Florida does have an exemption which many Florida based hedge fund managers rely upon in order to avoid registration with the Florida Securities Division.

Specifically, Section 517.021(13)(b) of the Florida laws provide that the term “investment adviser” does not include “any person who does not hold herself or himself out to the general public as an investment adviser and has no more than 15 clients within 12 consecutive months in this state.”  Of course the Florida hedge fund manager or prospective manager and the hedge fund attorney should discuss whether the manager’s investment advisory activities will fall within this definition.  Continue reading

California Investment Advisor Exemption for Certain Hedge Fund Managers

In the article Connecticut Hedge Fund Registration Exemption, we discussed that certain states like Connecticut provide administrative orders allowing hedge fund managers an exemption from the registration provisions under certain circumstances.

Similarly certain states have provided a similar exemption to hedge fund managers through the securities commission rule making process.  For example, California Rule 260.204.9 provides that hedge fund managers are exempt from registration with the California Securities Commission if (i) the manager has $25 million or more in assets under management and (ii) has less than 15 clients (a hedge fund counts as a single client).  As with all exemptions from investment advisor registration, the hedge fund manager must make sure that it does not hold itself out as an investment advisor.  The California Rule also provides an exemption for managers of venture capital funds. Continue reading