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Earlier this year the SEC approved the formation of an automated filing system for Form D. As noted in this article on Form D, the filing must be made with the SEC 15 days after the first sale of hedge fund interests. While the launch of the new online system was supposed to make it easier for small companies (including hedge funds) to make the filing, in implementation it is a two-step, potentially cumbersome process. In the next few weeks after we make some of these filings, I will be able to rate the new SEC Form D online filing system. The press release below announcing the new system can be found here.

SEC Launches Voluntary Online Filing System for Form D to Reduce Burden on Smaller Companies

Securities and Exchange Commission today began accepting filings of Form D through the Internet as part of the agency’s overall efforts to reduce unnecessary paper filings and regulatory burdens, particularly for smaller companies.

The new rules providing for online filing and simplification of Form D notices were approved by Commission at the end of last year. Form D filings are made mostly by smaller companies, and notify the SEC of sales of securities in private and certain other non-registered offerings of securities. Many states also require Form D notice filings.

“With electronic filing, the information available in Form D filings will now be far more accessible to all users,” said John White, Director of the Division of Corporation Finance. “We look forward to hearing from voluntary filers over the next six months about their experiences as we prepare to move to the mandatory system next spring.”

The SEC’s new Form D online filing system features simplified and updated information requirements and is voluntary until March 16, 2009. Companies and funds required to file Form D notices may continue to file them on paper until that date, following either the old or new information requirements. Guidance on the Form D filing process with the new system as well as more information about filing and amending a Form D notice are available on the SEC Web site.

Form D filers are encouraged to use the voluntary system and inform SEC staff about their experiences. The SEC staff expects adjustments will be made to the system to increase its utility and user-friendliness before the online filing of Form D becomes mandatory. Filers can report their experiences to the SEC’s Office of Small Business Policy in its Division of Corporation Finance at (202) 551-3460 or [email protected]

The SEC staff is continuing to work with the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) to link its Form D filing system with a system built by state securities regulators that would accept state Form D filings. No timetable has been adopted for linking the two systems. (Press Rel. 2008-199)

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