Top 11 Hedge Fund Articles on Hedge Fund Law Blog

The Hedge Fund Law Blog has been running for almost four months now (although we’ve posted articles previously written) and we appreciate all of the comments and insights from hedge fund managers and hedge fund service providers.  Our goal is to provide the most relevant legal information to hedge fund managers as possible, so please let us know if you have any questions we can answer.  Our other goal is to help managers establish their hedge funds so please contact us if you are thinking of starting a fund.

The following are the most popular articles on the hedge fund law blog as today:

  1. What Licenses do you need to Start A Hedge Fund?
  2. What is a Qualified Purchaser?
  3. How to register as a CPO or a CTA
  4. Hedge Fund Redemption and the Gate Provision
  5. Blue Sky Laws and Filings for Hedge Fund
  6. What is an Accredited Investor?
  7. Hedge Fund Offering Documents
  8. The Series 65 Exam
  9. Hedge Fund Formation Legal Fees
  10. Real Estate Hedge Fund Structure
  11. What Expenses Does a Hedge Fund Pay For?

Please contact us if you want to see articles on other topics or if you would like to start a hedge fund.

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