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South Carolina Hedge Fund Law – Investment Advisor Registration and Form D Filings

Below we have provided two separate sources from the South Carolina Securities Division Website.  First, we have reproduced a very short blurb from their website which explains that investment advisors who have a place of business in South Carolina must generally be registered as an investment advisor.  Second, we have reproduced their schedule and instructions for the state blue sky filings which need to be made by the hedge fund manager after the first sale of securities in the state.  In general hedge fund interests are sold in accordance with a Regulation D 506 hedge fund offering.  States generally have the authority to require Form D filings when a sale under 506 is made to residents of the state.  In South Carolina the requirement is to make the Form D filing within 15 days of the first sale in South Carolina.  The hedge fund manager will also need to send in a check for $300.  Continue reading