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Series 79 Training Materials | Series 79 Study Guide

Information on Study Materials and Classes for Series 79 Exam

One of the inquires I receive most often about the Series 79 exam involves study materials.  As of right now I have not heard of any groups who have produced a study guide or other materials for this exam.  I know that both Kaplan and STC are working on producing exam study guides and other materials.  STC in particular has been moving forward very quickly with their materials.  The information below was prepared by Gary Fox of the Securities Training Corporation. and outlines the products which they will be introducing over the next couple of months.  We will continue to publish information on Series 79 products as they are released.


FINRA began administering the Examination on Monday, November 2. As with all other FINRA Examinations, there is little or no guidance as to how topics are being tested other than the outline.

STC’s Series 79 Training Manual and Practice Examinations will be available in December. The Manual will be in printed format, the Practice Examinations will be available in online format.  We will be offering live and virtual training classes starting in January, which will give you the opportunity to complete your reading before classes begin. We strongly recommend attending the class, particularly if you have no prior experience with FINRA Examinations.

We would also like to remind you of the opt-in provisions FINRA offers with the Series 79. If you hold any one of the following registrations-Series 7, 17, 24, 37, 38, or 62, you do not need to sit for the Series 79, provided you file the appropriate opt-in forms with FINRA. You have until May 2 to take advantage of the opt-in provision. We offer training for all registrations.

If you do not hold any of these registrations, and do not want to wait until December for our training program, you could take any one of the previously mentioned examinations, opt-in to the new FINRA registration category, and bypass the need to sit for Series 79. As a reminder, STC does not offer guidance as to which registrations may be appropriate for your firm. Please contact your compliance department or legal counsel for proper registration and the procedure for opting in.

You can sign up for updates regarding our Series 79 Training Program and get more information about all of our programs and your options by visiting www.stcusa.com.


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