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FINRA New Issue Rule 5130 (Text of the Rule)

As we announced earlier today, the NASD New Issue Rule 2790 has changed and is now FINRA Rule 5130.  The text of the New Issue rule is below and can also be found on the FINRA website here.  With regard to hedge funds, this rule is most important with regard to who will be deemed a “restricted person” and thus generally ineligible to recieve a full allocation of any gains attributable to new issues (commonly known as initial public offerings or IPOs).  The full text of the rule follows.  Continue reading

Hedge Fund “New Issue” Rule Changes

Minor Modifications to “New Issues” Rule Approved; New FINRA Rule 5130

FINRA (formerly the NASD) has been reworking a new rulebook which means that many rules have been modified and renumbered.  At least one important hedge fund rule has been renumbered.  The “new issue” rule, which affects hedge funds and other members of the securities community, has been slightly modified and is now known as FINRA Rule 5130 (formerly Rule 2790). Hedge fund managers should discuss with their attorneys whether their hedge fund offering documents need to be updated to reflect this change.  Continue reading