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Oregon Hedge Funds – Investment Advisor Issues

Questions and Answers on Oregon Investment Advisor Registration For Hedge Funds

Some states will provide a good source of information to start up hedge fund managers which details whether the hedge fund manager will need to register as an investment adviser in the state of residence.  The following resource is from the Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities and answers common questions that potential Oregon hedge fund managers would have regarding the Oregon investment advisor registration requirements.

Specifically this set of questions and answers shows us that there is no de minimis rule which would allow managers to escape investment advisor registration in Oregon; the Q&A also details the notice filing requirements in Oregon.  Even though SEC registered investment advisors will not need to register with the state securities division, the firm will need to “notice file” and pay a filing fee and investment advisor representatives of the firm will usually need to have the Series 65 and the investment advisory firm will need to pay a filing fee for the representative.  Continue reading