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Hedge Fund Pitchbook

Using a Pitchbook to Market Your Hedge Fund

Marketing a hedge fund is one of the more difficult parts of running and managing a fund.  Many times, managers will discuss investments into a fund through a face-to-face meeting with a potential investor.  During this meeting, a manager will utilize a “pitchbook” as the central way of conveying the most important aspects of an investment in the fund.  This article will provide an overview of the most common parts of a hedge fund pitchbook.  We have also provided a sample pitchbook below. Continue reading

Incubator Hedge Funds

How to Create an Auditable and Marketable Trackrecord

One of the biggest hurdles that start up hedge fund managers face is the issue of having a marketable track record. Many managers do not have an audited marketable trackrecord for any number of reasons. While it is not strictly necessary to have an audited marketable trackrecord, it will help with the marketing efforts when soliciting investors, especially institutional investors. To solve this problem many start up managers establish incubator hedge funds. Continue reading