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Hedge fund advertising – Can a hedge fund manager run a blog?

Blogs have become important tools in the investment management industry and have allowed even the most unsophisticated computer user (ahem….hedgefundlawblog….) to post useful thoughts and information for other industry participants to examine and opine upon.

Some hedge fund managers may want to use the internet and blogs to vet ideas or to discuss certain parts of their strategy, which begs the question whether such activities are legal under the federal (and state) securities laws.   As we see it, there are three central issues which a hedge fund manager must be aware of when deciding whether to blog: (i) the Regulation D rules prohibiting general solicitation, (ii) the “no holding out” requirement for investment advisor exemption, and (iii) the anti-fraud rules (no manipulation).  We will examine these issues in turn and then provide recommendations. Continue reading