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FINRA Announces PFRD System for Form PF

Form PF Filing System Active

As we have discussed in previous posts, many hedge fund managers are going to be required to complete Form PF on either a quarterly or annual basis. The filing will be made through a new filing system administered by FINRA called the PFRD (Private Fund Reporting Depository). Many funds will have outside groups who will be accessing the system on their behalf. Smaller funds may be able to complete the form themselves.

If you have questions on the form or accessing the PFRD, please contact us.

The PFRD announcement from FINRA is reprinted below.


To: Super Account Administrators of Investment Advisers

From: FINRA Entitlement Group

Date: June 4, 2012

Re: New Electronic Private Fund Reporting Depository (PFRD) System Entitlement

The new electronic Private Fund Reporting Depository (PFRD) System facilitates investment adviser reporting of private fund information via Form PF. Beginning today, if you are an investment adviser that is required to report private fund information, you have the ability to entitle yourself as a user to this new application; update existing accounts; and/or create new accounts with this new application. Your current user ID and password remain valid. To determine if you are required to file Form PF, refer to the criteria below.

Complete and file Form PF if:

• You are registered or required to register with the SEC as an investment adviser, or you are registered or required to register with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a commodity pool operator or commodity trading advisor and you are also registered or required to register with the SEC as an investment adviser; and

• You manage one or more private funds; and

• You and your related persons, collectively, had at least $150 million in private fund assets under management as of the last day of your most recently completed fiscal year.

For more information on the PFRD System, refer to the information on the IARD web page: http://www.iard.com/pfrd/default.asp.

For questions concerning:

• Form PF filing requirements or policy issues, contact the SEC at (202) 551-6999 or [email protected]

• Technical questions regarding the PFRD System, contact the FINRA Gateway Call Center at (240) 386-4848.

• FINRA Entitlement, contact the FINRA Entitlement Group at (240) 386-4185.


Bart Mallon is a partner with Cole-Frieman Mallon & Hunt LLP, an investment management law firm. Bart can be reached directly at 415-868-5345.

Form PF Filings to be Submitted via FINRA

SEC Mandates FINRA to Receive Form PF Filings

SEC has chosen FINRA to accept Form PF filings on its behalf when and if Form PF is adopted.  As background, on January 26, 2011 the SEC issued a proposed Rule 204(b)-1 under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 which would require SEC registered investment advisers to file a new Form PF with the SEC on either a quarterly or annual basis.  Although the rest of the proposed rule is still under consideration, the SEC has determined that if Form PF is adopted, investment advisers would file Form PF electronically through FINRA.  FINRA currently is the operator of IARD, the system through which investment advisers electronically file their Form ADV and make necessary notice filings to states.  If the rule is passed, FINRA will develop and maintain the filing system for Form PF as well.

The SEC initially anticipated that the proposed rule implementing Form PF would have an initial compliance date of December 15, 2011 – this appears less likely as we get closer to that date and plan to provide updates as appropriate.

Form PF Filing Process and Filing Fees

Because the filing system for Form PF will likely be an extension of the current IARD filing system, we expect the process will be substantially similar to the current process of filing Form ADV.  Investment advisers filing Form PF will likely have to go through the entitlement process and then fund their accounts with the fees necessary to submit the filing through the system.  Managers will have to make quarterly annual filing based on their assets under management. Regardless of assets under management, the filing fees shall be as the same for each filing:

  • $150 for each Form PF annual update
  • $150 for each Form PF quarterly update


FINRA is the logical choice to accept and manage the filing of Form PF because, as the current operator of the IARD system, they are uniquely situated to develop and deploy the Form PF filing system in a timely manner.  The SEC believes that having FINRA expand its existing platform to accommodate this additional filing would be result in greater efficiency for both the advisers and the SEC.  However, managers should be wary of the continued consolidation of filing platforms as FINRA continues to move towards becoming the SRO for hedge fund managers and other investment advisers.

The text of FINRA’s letter regarding Form PF can be found here: FINRA Form PF Letter

The text of SEC’s notice of intent to have Form PF filed through FINRA can be found here: SEC Form PF Announcement – IA-3297


Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP provides comprehensive registration and compliance services to hedge fund managers, including help with filing Form PF.  Bart Mallon can be contacted directly at 415-868-5345.