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Hedge Fund Audits Post Madoff

Hedge Fund Audits Expected to Increase in Importance

The Madoff scandal has shown the hedge fund industry many things, not the least of which is the importance of hedge fund audits.  While the details of Madoff’s audits are still a little unclear, it has been widely reported that the audit firm he used was a little known shop which is tightlipped.  This article investigates reaction of hedge fund investors with regard to hedge fund audits going forward.  (Please note, the Maddoff investment firm was not a hedge fund; however, the scandal will likely have a great influence on hedge fund due diligence and audit standards.) Continue reading

SEC Stands Behind “Fair Value” Accounting

FASB may re-evaluate FAS 157 in light of recent market events

While the SEC does not directly control the manner in which hedge fund assets are valued for the purpose of striking a NAV for a fund, the SEC valuation policies are important for hedge funds in a number of different ways.  Maybe most important is that the SEC valuation guidelines require issuers of securities to adhere to certain valuation practices with regard to their own assets.  Recently Congress mandated the SEC reevaluate its valuation guidelines in light of the market collapse of 2008. Continue reading