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Green Fund of Hedge Funds

The following article on a green fund of hedge funds was originally published on the website www.socialfunds.com and can be found here.  (For more information on environmentally focused hedge funds, please also see our article on Carbon hedge funds.)

Over the Hedge: New Green Hedge Fund of Funds
by Anne Moore Odell

Kenmar plans to launch socially responsible hedge fund of funds for institutional investors.

SocialFunds.com — Kenmar recently announced that it will be launching a new SRI hedge fund of funds, the Kenmar Global ECO Fund SPC Limited, which will be available to investors July 1. Kenmar hopes to tap into the growing interest of investors in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues while also achieving its goal of capital appreciation. Continue reading

Carbon Hedge Funds

Overview of Carbon Hedge Funds

The flexibility of the hedge fund structure is the central reason these investment vehicles are so popular.  The flexibility allows funds to specialize on certain investment sectors or strategies, and they can move quickly to the hot areas of the markets.  One of the hot areas of the markets is the movement toward green investments and strategies.  With this increased focus on energy and related areas, Carbon Hedge Funds have become a popular investment vehicle to focus on “carbon” as a new asset class.  This article will overview the two common carbon hedge fund strategies and will also provide resources for more information on carbon trading and other investments.  Please contact us if you have any questions on the information below or if you would like more information on starting a carbon hedge fund. Continue reading