Series 79 Opt In Period Begins

Investment Banking Representative Exam Goes Live

Today marks the first day that current Series 7 licensed representatives of BDs who engage in “investment banking activities” can opt in to the Series 79 license.  Current Series 7’s will need to talk with their compliance department who will be able to complete a Form U4 update for the rep.  According to a FINRA representative I talked with last week, the opt in process will be very easy – essentially the compliance person for the BD will go into the CRD system, check the Series 79 box for the appropriate BD reps and then submit the revised U4 to FINRA.

Reps who engage in investment banking activities should make sure that they have opted in before May 3, 2010 or they will be required to take the exam which is 5 hours long (175 multiple choice questions).

Series 79 Articles

  • Regulatory Notice 09-41 – this article reprint’s FINRA’s notice to members.  Notice includes: background and discussion on exam, discussion of the opt in period, information on the training program exception, information on requirement for principals, outline of content, registration procedures, effective date and FAQs.
  • Series 79 Content Outline – FINRA’s content outline for the new exam.  Provides an overview of the major categories and sub-categories which will be tested.
  • Series 79 Questions and Answers – in this article we address some of the questions which have been posed to us regarding the new investment banking exam.

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