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One of the interesting aspects about having a hedge fund blog is that it provides me with the opportunity to connect with many people in the hedge fund industry whom I would normally not have a chance to meet.  I also have the opportunity to talk with various media publications regarding hedge funds.  The two inquiries below come from TV Tokyo who is spotlighting the Lehman crises and doing a report on how hedge funds are currently fairing.  I have received two inquiries now, so if you are interested in talking with them, I am happy to pass along the appropriate contact information.

Any other media organizations who wish to discuss hedge funds or the legal and regulatory aspects of hedge funds are welcome to contact me directly to discuss.


Hi, I’m from TV Tokyo, Japanese TV production. I’m working on the story about what is going on hedge fund industory after Lehman crises. For our segment,  I’m looking for the indivisual investor who put their money into hedge fund due to due to improved transparency and liquidity terms.and I would like to ask the investor to have our taped interview in next week. If you know someone, please let me know. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this message.


Dear Bart,

I am a producer at TV Tokyo, a Japanese television network. I am producing a documentary about recovery in financial institutions and markets.  Over the past year or two, markets plunged and many financial institutions, including hedge funds, were bankrupted or merged out of existence.  In a relatively brief time, however, certain markets and financial institutions demonstrated surprising resilience and a return to profitability. This recovery is in marked contrast to the decade long process of recovery in Japan.

In the documentary, I will focus on how financial institutions, markets and exchanges have managed to again make profits in such short period. Among markets, I will focus on the commodity market, which has benefitted from economic expansion in emerging markets and concerns about inflation elsewhere.  As part of that examination, I would also like to feature the IntercontinentalExchange (ICE). Much of the volume in recent commodities trading has occurred on ICE, however, many of our viewers are unfamiliar with it.

I am seeking individuals to interview for the documentary who can speak authoritatively about the above topics.  If you can address these topics on camera, please contact me.

My deadline for filming is the end of August/beginning of September.
I look forward to your reply.



About TV Tokyo:
TV Tokyo is one of Japan’s six television networks and is a subsidiary of Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei), Japan’s premier financial journal. We produce Japan’s only daily business and economic news programs, World Business Satellite and News Morning Satellite. Their combined audience averages 5-6 million viewers daily, including Japanese business leaders and influential politicians. A recent study showed our audience to be the most affluent and highly educated in Japan. Past guests include: Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda; Former Harvard University president Lawrence Summers; professors Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel laureate), Jeffrey Sachs, and Alan Blinder; CEOs Michael Eisner, Steve Forbes, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Jack Welch, Jeffrey Immelt, Larry Ellison, Scott McNealy; investor Jim Rogers, George Soros, Warren Buffett and numerous Japanese business and political leaders.


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