Hedge Fund Due Diligence 2.0

We hear about the “web 2.0” and today’s San Francisco Chronicle used the term “Wall Street 2.0” which made me wonder what the hedge fund industry will look like after this mess clears itself over the next couple of months.  First, it is obvious that there is going to be government regulation of some sort over the hedge fund industry which I will be detailing over the coming weeks and months.  Additionally, investors are going to need to take proactive steps to protect their investments and hedge fund due diligence will become a greater part of the hedge fund industry – I’m dubbing this “Hedge Fund Due Diligence 2.0”.

Hedge Fund Due Diligence 2.0 is likely to include more questions on the hedge fund manager’s business acumen and operations.  The current crisis has showed us, in numerous circumstances, that hedge fund managers were simply not prepared to handle a complete market crisis.  Hedge fund managers already have to answer in depth questions relating to risk management policies and procedures, but these questions will likely become more in depth.  Specifically, Hedge Fund Due Diligence 2.0 will likely inquire into a manager’s specific cash management policies.  While this might be viewed as digging into the manager’s operational business (as opposed to just the managers performance results), it is necessary to protect an investor’s investment in the event that a high watermark provision is implicated.

More to come on this topic …