Hedge Fund Compliance Guide

After the passage of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, managers and service providers will be preparing to go through the registration process. Managers should note that while the registration process is fairly straightforward, the ongoing compliance requirements under the Investment Advisers Act are perhaps more important. In this guide we will be providing an overview and links to the important compliance considerations.

Specifically, we will be discussing the practical application of the following rules to both hedge fund managers and private equity fund managers:

Rule 204-2 — Books and Records to Be Maintained by Investment Advisers
Rule 204-3 — Written Disclosure Statements
Rule 204A-1 — Investment Adviser Codes of Ethics
Rule 205-3 — Exemption from the Compensation Prohibition of Section 205(a)(1) for Investment Advisers
Rule 206(3)-2 — Agency Cross Transactions for Advisory Clients
Rule 206(4)-1 — Advertisements by Investment Advisers
Rule 206(4)-2 — Custody or Possession of Funds or Securities of Clients
Rule 206(4)-3 — Cash Payments for Client Solicitations
Rule 206(4)-4 — Financial and Disciplinary Information that Investment Advisers Must Disclose to Clients
Rule 206(4)-6 — Proxy Voting
Rule 206(4)-7 — Compliance Procedures and Practices

Business Continuity Plans

Rule 206(4)-8 — Pooled Investment Vehicles

This guide will complement the hedge fund registration guide we have developed as well.

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