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  2. David Collier

    I have a question.

    When you open up an account for the hedge fund and also a brokerage account, can the bank organize the injections of capital corresponding to the limited partner or is it all lumped together or is it upon the management to make detailed records of capital injections in his own books. The latter, I’m thinking, should always be the case, but could the bank accounts be arranged so that capital contributions are organized corresponding to limited partners?

    1. Hedge Fund Lawyer Post author


      The management company will usually have the hedge fund administrator keep track of the accounting for contributions and withdrawals.


  3. David Collier

    So the bank account and brokerage account do not have separate capital accounts for each limited partner within the main business account and/or brokerage account? All the moneys are lumped together? Wouldn’t that be a mess?

    Just trying to understand all this – sorry if it seems like a dumb questions. Thank you for replying to my last question.



  4. Charles Smith

    Hi Bart,

    Do you have any US banks that are friendly toward Cayman/BVI entities? Most look like dear in head lights when you explain what the BVI acronym means. I am searching for a US based financial institution that will open a normal bank account for a BVI fund I have started.

    Any recommendations would be very helpful.

    Many thanks, Charles

    1. Hedge Fund Lawyer Post author


      Yes I do have some thoughts for you – please feel free to contact me through our contact form and we can discuss.


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