Filing Form D

While hedge funds are not generally “regulated,” they are subject to the requirements of the Securities Act of 1933 (and potentially Regulation D). Generally this will mean that each hedge fund will have to file a Form D with (1) the SEC and (2) each state in which the fund has an investor. Form D must be filed with the SEC within 15 days of the first sale to the investor, each state will have different requirements.

In addition to the Form D, each state will generally require the partnership to submit a Form U-2 and the payment of an administrative fee. These administrative fees can range from $75 to $500; a few states may charge more. (Note: the fund itself, not the management company, will typically pay for this expense.) These items will generally need to be submitted to each state within 15 days of the date of the first sale in each state (note: New York requires its Form 99 to be filed prior to a first subscription from a New York resident).

The firm which submits these filings on your behalf will typically need the following information for each subscription:

  • Residence of investor
  • Amount of subscription
  • Whether the investor is “accredited” or not

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