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In a move that has been long overdue, the CFTC has launched a new website which was designed to make getting to CFTC information easier.  We have had a chance to explore the new site and believe that it is a significant improvement over the old site, even if the new colors (orange) and flash are a bit distracting.

Some of the interesting things about the new website:

  • RSS feeds added – this is probably the best update.  Previously the CFTC did not have an RSS feed for its news.  This new feature is great, however it is only for general press releases, enforcement press releases and Speeches & Testimony.  It would have been nice to an RSS feed for other parts of the website like staff interpretations.
  • Follow us feature – yes, the CFTC is now on facebook, flickr and youTube.  Now you can follow the CFTC through social media…what use this is, I am not sure.
  • Easy navigation – the navigation is improved by about 1000%.  I found it very easy to get to Financial Data for FCMs.
  • Plug for CCH? One of the pictures on website is of a book published by CCH on the Commodities Exchange Act.  I didn’t think the government was allowed to endorse one product over another so I am not sure why this picture is there.  CCH is probably ecstatic that they get this sort of free advertising by the government – I would imagine that West, Lexis, and other groups are not happy and will be asking the CFTC to replace the picture.

Overall the new website is probably a good step forward for the CFTC even if the orange color is distracting.


CFTC Launches New Website Designed to Improve Access to Market and Agency Information

New site is available at

WASHINGTON – The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today launched a new website designed to enhance access to important market and agency information through The new site is part of the agency’s ongoing effort to promote transparency.

“Both the markets and the government serve the public best when they are transparent and easy to navigate,” CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler said. “The CFTC’s new website enhances the public’s ability to find the most important information on our homepage, including market reports, agency reports and agency news, and helps fulfill our ongoing efforts to bring sunshine to both the markets and the government.”

Important website enhancements include:

• Improving the website’s homepage to make it easier to access the most relevant information on The new site also includes drop-down navigation to enhance usability of the site with fewer clicks.

• Consolidating and simplifying the public comments section of the website by creating a page where members of the public can find every item that is open for public comment, including rulemakings, industry filings and other issues.

• Enhancing the look and feel of the website to make the homepage more usable and easier to navigate.

To improve the agency’s ability to disseminate important information to the broadest audience, now incorporates videos and other imagery, as well as social media through Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.

Last Updated: April 2, 2010

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